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About our studio

Jewelry as we think of it - is often conceived as an 'object of desire' and should hence be as unique as it's wearer.

Our studio has always been considered an integral part of our gallery's success. Our professional services include but are not limited to the cleaning, repairing and engraving of jewelry. Pearl necklace 'tune-ups' as well as the design and crafting of new jewelry pieces made of Platinum, Gold or Silver by specialrequest - round off our service menu.

  • Schmuckneuanfertigung in Platin, Gelb-, Weiss-, Rotgold
  • Schmuckumänderungen antiquierter Erbstücke nach Wunsch
  • Schmuckreinigung
  • Schmuckreparaturen
  • Gravurarbeiten
  • Perlenketten neu knüpfen