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Carlos Zapata

Carlos Zapata was born in Columbia, South America, in 1963. He now lives and works in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.

Carlos is a respected member of a relatively small group of professional artists who put their hearts and souls into the creation of contemporary Automata Art - in Mr. Zapata's case , kinetic wooden sculptures combining whimsical humor and magic with the mechanical workings of early robots - only begging to be hand-cranked - in order to animate the artistic scene: Art in motion!

Creating an interactive, ingenious and charming Automaton Sculpture requires the knowledge and manual talents of a woodworker and carver who also is mechanically minded and fears not many hours of labor.

Over the past few years, Carlos Zapata has developed a very definite style of his own by creating more vibrant and emotional pieces which are much larger and even more sculptural than his earlier works - a fact delighting many of his Automata Art aficionados and collectors everywhere.

( www.carloszapataautomata.com )