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Inger Weichselbaumer

Spotlight on the artist...

You don't have to go to great and extensive art exhibitions to get a feeling of great satisfaction. Sometimes encounters with just a few works of art can awaken your interest immediately. This was what happened to me the first time I saw Inger Weichselbaumer's sculptures. She took me by surprise, offering riddles in sculpture form, presenting studies of the human body which aroused an enticing feeling of both timelessness and anonymity.

Inger Weichselbaumer is an artist with the ability to breathe life and individuality into her art. Whether she works in bronze, ceramics or metal, her intent is to create art that lives and that we can feel a connection with.

The uneven surfaces of the bronze sculptures seem almost alive, the slightly pudgy bodies attain individuality, muteness disappears, but mystic and anonymity linger on. These are the encounters I enjoy; art that appears closed and static but metamorphoses before your eyes, art where silence is something other than silence, where a frozen moment can always be extrapolated both forward and backward in time. Inger Weichselbaumer shows the same ability when she works with other materials.

She makes use of the ancient techniques of ceramics to meld the past to the present. Inger Weichselbaumer's skill is impressive.

Lars-Olof Carlson
Art critic