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Isabell Schaupp

Spotlight on the artist...

Isabell Schaupp’s artistically crafted one-of-a-kind pieces seem to originate from an unknown animal and plant world. Wire constructions reminiscent of satellites, funnels and tentacles have an emblematically symbolic language of their own. Sometimes they leave the confines of two-dimensionality and become three-dimensional in order to explore the space that surrounds them. Or do they stretch out towards the beholder to connect with them? This jewelry artist regards her pieces as links between their wearer and the environment, as catalysts and amulets that accelerate the exchange between the inner and the outer worlds so as to support people in their desire to establish relations.

Vita & Awards

Isabell Schaupp, 1969, Augsburg, Germany. 

1990 – 1993 training as a carpenter 
1993-1996 travelling and learning about life 
1996 – 2003 training and occupation as a nurse 
2003 – 2007 studies at the University of Applied Science and Art Hildesheim (HAWK), Germany 

Since July 2007 working as freelance jewellery maker

2008 Grassi Award of Gallery Slavik | Innovation Award, Inhorgenta Munich 
2007 3fg Award, Promotion Award of HAWK Hildesheim 

Public Collections 
2008 Grassi Museum, Leipzig 
2005 Kestner Museum Hanover 

Exhibitions (Selection)
2010 Natura e Artificio, Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean, Livorno, Italy | Spring *, Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgium | SOFA New York, represented by Charon Kransen | Schmuck 2010, IHM Munich | Shmucke Zauber Kraft', Gallery Slavik, Vienna | 18 Positionen zur zeitgenössischen Schmuck- und Gerätegestaltung, Goldschmiedehaus Hanau | State Prize Exhibition' Lower Saxony State Prize, Hanover
2009 European Prize for Applied Arts 2009, “Anciens Abattoirs”, Mons, Belgium | Itami international craft exhibition, The Museum of Arts and Crafts Itami, Japan | Winter journey, Gallery Slavik, Vienna, Austria | Intimacy - New Traditional Jewellery, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands | Grassimesse, Grassi Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig | 'Evoking Mystery', 22 International Jewellers, DeNovo Gallery, Palo Alto, USA | 'Triennale des norddeutschen Kunsthandwerks', Palace of Güstrow/Kottorf, Germany | Finalist exhibition 'Decadence', 18. international silverart competition, The Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland | 'Multiplay', Friends of Carlotta, Zurich | 'The Poetry of Jewellery Art', Gallery Slavik, Vienna | ‚3 Individualists„, die Werksattgalerie, Rosemarie Brodhag, Berlin | 'SOFA New York/Santa Fe/Chicago', represented by Charon Kransen | Inhorgenta Europe / Designer's Avenue, Munich | 'City Life', Gallery kunst-ban.de, Hamburg 
2008 ‚Winter journey„, Gallery Slavik, Vienna | „Wenn die Kinder artig sind…‟, Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein Munich | SOFA New York/Chicago, USA (represented by Charon Kransen) | Finalist exhibition „New traditional Jewellery„, Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam | Finalist exhibition „Nachwuchsförderwettbewerb Schmuck und Gerät„, Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, Germany | Grassifair, Grassi Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig | ‚Unerträglich kunstvoll„, Gallery Artists unlimited, Bielefeld | Finalist exhibition ‚Transformation„, Gallery Funaki, Melbourne/Australia | ‚Horror Vacui„, Friends of Carlotta, Zurich | ‚Brand New – New Brand„/„Designer‟s Avenue, Inhorgenta Munich 
2007 RRH Stipendium, Museum of jewellery Pforzheim, Germany | „Four jewellers‟, Bischofsmühle, Hildesheim, Germany | Diploma exhibition, HAWK Hildesheim, Germany 
2006 solo exhibition ‚form and colour„, HAWK Hildesheim, Germany 
2005 annual exhibition of AKH, Herrenhäuser Gärten, Hanover, Germany |‚Gold Kokosnuss Edelstahl – Kunstkammerschätze gestern und heute„, Kestner Museum Hanover