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Ilona Pelli

Ilona Pelli's design is rooted in the traditional Finnish design, where functionality and harmony of the scales are important. Asymmetry and architectional lines are typical for her. Timeless, but at the same time modern collections are based on high quality in the materials used, of which most are natural fibres. The minimalistic lines help to bring out the best features of the person who is wearing them. The Finnish State Prize for Design 2011 was granted to Ilona Pelli. Kudos!

The pureness of Ilona Pelli's cuts and colours, her branded asymmetrical treatment of volumes and her modular approach using her clothes’ tails to reinvent them according to her many fans taste always catches the eye – and always will. For sure.

However, Ilona Pelli’s real signature is in the absolute comfort and pleasure of wearing her designs and it is thus our privilege at Hilde Leiss to introduce her iconic fashion work in the context of the emergence of Finnish design on the Hamburg fashion scene - always keeping in mind that Helsinki is the World Design capital for the year of 2012!