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Brigitte Morck

The ceramics artist Brigitte Mork was born in Soest, Germany, in 1951. She has lived and worked in the city of Hamburg for the past 27 years.

Brigitte Mork completed her 5-year studies as a ceramicist at the Akademie der Künste under the tutelage of Professors Uli Günther and Anne Menzel-Marx in 1975.

Her Raku creations are definitely avantgarde and continue to be very popular amongst collectors everywhere . Some of her works have been purchased by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, Germany, the Museum für Keramik ' Karamikon ', Frechen, Germany, the Landesmuseum in Stuttgart, Germany, Schloß Ludwigsburg, Germany, and the the City of Offenbach, Germany.

About Raku...

Raku originated in Japan in the 16th century, where raku vessels were and still are used in the traditional tea ceremony. It is a low-fire technique, where bisqued work is quickly heated to red hot temperature and then taken out of the kiln and reduced in wood shavings, newspaper or a similar combustible material. Raku ware is decorated with low-fire glazes, which usually contain a lot of frit. The clays used for this firing technique contain a high percentage of grog, so the work will be able to withstand the high temperature fluctuations, although this doesn't mean that other clays can't be used.

Raku ware may be sculptural, handbuilt or wheel-thrown.The thousands of years old tradition of raku seems a stark contrast to our high-tech age of space exploration and information technology, but perhaps just because of its down-to-earth, low-tech features, it's here to stay.