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Marc Mann

The jewelLights - series is a collection of luminous jewellery under the marcmann label. Rather than using precious stones or metals, it features centuries old antiques glass in combination with state-of-the-art- LED technology.

The tiny light emitting diodes serve as a hidden source of luminescence. The light they generate underscores the character of the material and the natural charm of the antique glass beads, small apothecary vials and smooth ocean-glass found on the banks of the river Elbe, harmoniously shaped by time and the power of the waves.

Exotic deep-sea creatures, early kaleidoscopes and gothic cathredal windows served as the inspirational source for the jeweLight collection.

Marc Mann's beautiful works of art are one-off pieces or part of a extremely limited series - totally unencumbered by any industrial production demands and guidelines. All jeweLights pieces are handmade, further accentuating their individual charm and quality of workmanship.

The button cell batteries will last for quite some time until they need to be replaced. They are always discreetly intigrated into the jewellery's clasp or a seperate small tag.