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Nadia Khaddar

Namakaokaha'i - Goddess of the Sea

Hand crafted jewelry from the heart of the Hawaiian islands made individually to be unique and stunning based on the shells used in each piece. Each shell is picked from Hawaiian shores taking care that there are no live animals inside. Shells hold the story of the animal that lived in them and are a reminder of how beautiful nature is and that we should take care of this earth we are blessed to live on.

Nadia Khaddar, a delightful young artist from the island of Hawai'i ( the largest of the hawaiian islands ) makes her jewelry with love. She has a great respect for the earth, the wind, and the ocean ( haw: Aina, Makani, Kai ). She strongly believes we must become sustainable and respect what we are blessed to live on. Hawaii is a special place and she hopes to share the feeling that you get being in Hawaii through her jewelry.

Nadia No Ka Oi !