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Kathrin Joppien

Artist's statement

I was born in 1949 in Stadthagen ( Lower Saxony ), grew up and went to school in Cologne. After obtaining my PhD in art history in 1981 at the University of Bonn I moved to Hamburg with my husband and our two daughters.

In the 1970ies I started to create patchwork-quilts. At the same time I worked as an art critic for a number of German magazines ( Textilforum, Textilkunst ). Later I focused on 'recycled materials' - such as cutting plastic bags into strips and weaving them into big shoping bags. In the 1990ies I began to create lifesize animals with paper maché over a construction of wire grating.

Since a few years I concentrate on creating jewelry only. After having discovered my fascination with making glass beads all my interest were finally brought together: three-dimensional work in unison with the playful freeflow of colors and my resulting jewelry.