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Stephan Hampala

Stephan Hampala was born in Germany in 1962 and grew up in Austria. He studied History and Theory of Theatre & the Performing Arts in Vienna and began to focus, amongst other things, on the development of European costume and jewlery design - a subject indeed, that had become dear to him through his initial exposure to the well known Wiener Werkstätten in Vienna - and it's connectivity to the different ethnic beadworks from Africa, the Americas, and South-East Asia.

In 1989 he started to make his own line of wearable works of art by applying very 'niffty' beadwork techniques, and in the process established himself as one of the true leaders in his chosen endevour.

He has successfully participated in many gallery exhibitions as well as in various interest-specific museum shows. Many of his pieces have been purchased by private collectors and some noted Institutions such as the Grassi Museum in Leipzig.