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Fong Chong

' Spotlight on the artist...'

Madame Fong Chong was born in China and studied to become an opera singer. After her successful career as a classical performer had come to an end she moved to the United States in the late 80ies and opened her quaint Red Lantern fashion design studio & gallery at 2030 Union Street in San Francisco, California.

Life is ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent of how you react to it. A visit to her gallery makes it apparent that Fong Chong sets the same high standards for herself as a designer of silken dreams and a successful gallerist - as she has done prior having been a respected opera singer in China. What you see in fashion and in jewellery depends on what you are looking for - a visit to her gallery is always well worth it when visiting San Francisco and is likely to help point you in the right direction on the Silk Road.

Fong Chong's dresses and coats have long been prized for their elegant simplicity, distinct functionality, and radiant colors, often taking on an almost sculptural character whilst maintaining their tranquil silken naturality.

To contact Madame Fong Chong, please write to REDLANTERNUSA@yahoo.com or call (415) 776-8876

unless you rather fly to Hamburg and visit our gallery to try on one of her beautiful silken dreams...