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Thea Bjerg

Thea Bjerg was born in Kopenhagen, Denmark, in 1960. She established her workshop in the same city in 1987, the year she became a member of the Danish Art Society, which has since awarded her a variety of Prizes.

Her works could be considered a "melange" of jewelry, textil and fashion - all wrapped in one - whereby the majority of her pieces are worn either as shawls or shoulder scarfs.

Her exquisite pieces are often inspired by the natural shapes of various ocean creatures such as coral formations and seaanemons.

Intrigued by the aquatic creatures flourishing in the reef, Thea was inspired to reproduce their vibrant colours, textures and shapes in textile form.

This was achieved through her development of new pleating techniques and experiments with ultrasonic cutting and welding, laser cutting and machine pleating. The artist's research led her to do experiments with several factories, where she succeeded breaking new ground as she pioneered original methods of textile art and design.

Bradley Quinn, London, Writer, Curator